class Barz

Barz functions


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Calculate a counterfactual address for the smart contract wallet
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open fun getDiamondCutCode(input: Array<Byte>): Array<Byte>
Returns the encoded diamondCut function call for Barz contract upgrades
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open fun getFormattedSignature(signature: Array<Byte>, challenge: Array<Byte>, authenticatorData: Array<Byte>, clientDataJSON: String): Array<Byte>
Converts the original ASN-encoded signature from webauthn to the format accepted by Barz
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open fun getInitCode(factory: String, publicKey: PublicKey, verificationFacet: String, salt: Int): Array<Byte>
Returns the init code parameter of ERC-4337 User Operation
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open fun getPrefixedMsgHash(msgHash: Array<Byte>, barzAddress: String, chainId: Int): Array<Byte>
Returns the final hash to be signed by Barz for signing messages &typed data